In this exhibition, the display case doesn’t showcase an exhibit or a project, but an attitude, a conviction: the belief that we can use design to change the world, that we can make it better and adapt it to our needs and desires.

We’ve assembled examples of this positive, open-minded attitude from the world of tuning, which illustrate a number of possible approaches. Like the enthusiasm for creating something as big as possible, as demonstrated by Bob Chandler, the man who created the first monster truck from his 1974 Ford F-250, the biggest pickup of all time. Or the young Wang Jiang from China, who found a shortcut to fulfilling a dream by putting together a Lamborghini Reventón on his own, because the original would have been unaffordable. They give us an idea of how changes can happen and reveal what motivations and impulses lie behind them. Tuning is a cultural strategy. Existing objects are developed and upgraded. Individual passion, creativity, state-of-the-art technology, and collective knowledge are harnessed to this end. These features and strategies of tuning can be applied to processes of societal transformation. The world in which we live is also changing. Buzzwords like climate change and digitization represent the societal transformations that are necessary to build a future worth living. Tuning shows how we can take this design process into our own hands.


Bob Chandler
Bigfoot #1 (Ford F-250)

© Bigfoot 4x4


Eric van Hove/Mahjouba Labs
Mahjouba E-Bikes

Mahjouba I - Eric van Hove 2016
Mixed media (13 materials): Red copper, yellow copper, camel bones, cedar wood, resin, tin, recycled brass, recycled aluminum, goat skin, Chinese electronics and electric parts, battery, magnets.
Dimensions: 200 x 70 x 113 cm
Weight: 119 Kg
Courtesy the artist (photo: Alessio Mei)


Christian Effinger
Leder Art (Audi S4)

© Christian Effinger / LEDER ART


Sidney Hoffmann
Golf GTI Rocket Bunny (Volkswagen Golf)

© SIIND / Sidney Industries


Raul Oaida/Steve Sammartino
Super Awesome Micro Project (Lego)

© Josh Rowe


Naoki Mori
Batman Van (Toyota Hiace)

© Naoki Mori

Do it yourself

Wang Jiang
DIY Lamborghini (Volkswagen/Nissan)

© getty / VCG

Have fun

Max Siedentopf
Slapdash Supercars (Cardboard)

© Max Siedentopf

Break out

Lina van de Mars
Upholstery (Volkswagen Golf)

© Lina van de Mars


Reifnitz/Maria Wörth
GTI Meet at Lake Wörthersee

© Gemeinde Reifnitz / Franz Habich