Most people who tune cars aren’t designers in the classical sense. They haven’t studied design, art, or architecture like the professional designers whose work has been exhibited at Design Display in the past.

Nevertheless, tuning is much more about design than you might initially think—because tuners also prototype and create. They’re experts in imagining what could be possible in the future, so they can change the present. One of Design Display’s core messages is that we can all take an active role in our lives and surroundings; we can all design our environments. The tuners presented in this exhibition may not be classical designers, but they do design in a broader sense. This is why we can learn a lot from them—and not just about cars, tools, tinkering, and styles—but also about how to transform objects.


Bob Chandler
Bigfoot #1 (Ford F-250)

© Bigfoot 4x4


Eric van Hove/Mahjouba Labs
Mahjouba E-Bikes

© Keetja Allard / NY


Christian Effinger
Leder Art (Audi S4)

© Christian Effinger / LEDER ART


Sidney Hoffmann
Golf GTI Rocket Bunny (Volkswagen Golf)

© SIIND / Sidney Industries


Raul Oaida/Steve Sammartino
Super Awesome Micro Project (Lego)

© Josh Rowe


Naoki Mori
Batman Van (Toyota Hiace)

© Naoki Mori

Do it yourself

Wang Jiang
DIY Lamborghini (Volkswagen/Nissan)

© getty / VCG

Have fun

Max Siedentopf
Slapdash Supercars (Cardboard)

© Max Siedentopf

Break out

Lina van de Mars
Upholstery (Volkswagen Golf)

© Andy Küchenmeister


Reifnitz/Maria Wörth
GTI Meet at Lake Wörthersee

© Gemeinde Reifnitz / Franz Habich