Since 2013, a global community of volunteers has been growing under the name e-Nable with the goal of providing people with affordable hand and arm prostheses. It began with a blog, www.enablingthefuture.org, which was meant to coordinate the development, improvement, and distribution of 3D-printable mechanical hands. Within two years, the e-Nable network has provided more than 1,500 people in 40 countries with prostheses. Today, the growing network—connected by social media—includes 3,000 registered volunteers, all of whom want to give the world a “helping hand.”

E-Nable designed the Raptor Hand Reloaded, that can be produced using a 3D printer. Assembling the prosthesis requires only a few readily available tools and additional parts, that can be ordered online for 25 dollars.

More Designers:

Joris Laarman

Joris Laarman doesn’t consider himself only as a designer. He’s a creator who operates at the interfaces of science, art, and future utopia.